how to buy the best baby toys from the toy shop? Some baby toys is longer than seven inches. This is not appropriate for the new born baby. Moreover these toys have strings and rough edges. This may do harm to the baby. Those toys with loud noises can be detrimental for the children. So these toys should be avoided.

Another thing is the satisfaction which is the key to be ardent to buy learning toys from the shop. If we are not satisfied and if we are thinking that this toy won’t fit our baby, it should be avoided. Because mental satisfaction matters in case of purchasing baby toys.

Sometimes it is big fact that some new kind of baby toys which are very small to look at they should be avoided by the parents. Because they might be hazardous for the baby of three or under aged .They may not feel comfort while playing with that.

Parent should purchase learning or baby toys which is made from no chlorinated plastics. Because polyethylene which may cause negative health implications to the children. Children may enter these toys to their mouth and it may do harm to the baby. So toys made from this kind of unhygienic materials should be avoided by the parent of the children.

Many toys are made from wood or cloth or metal. Just we will have to make sure that Baby toys or learning toys should be made from non toxic, PVC free metals. Otherwise parents should be more aware to buy environmentally sustainable toys. In Europe fine toys are made in different factory.

Parent should in consideration when taking on new toy. Before purchasing that they should be sure that it is well tested before coming to the market. Product manufacturer should be aware in doing research whether the baby toys or learning toys are being tested.

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