Donald Trump's Apprentice demonstrated in the first three seasons how important staying fit is for executives. Watching the Apprentice you will observe that both Troy and Kwame regularly engaged in physical exercises for keeping fit in the first season. This part of the script, I believe, is to show the importance of regular exercises necessary for being alert both physically and mentally.

The impression is that Donald Trump believes that it is inconceivable that you would be good enough for him as an Apprentice if you are not both physically and mentally fit. Therefore Apprentice candidates were expected to be physically fit, which was why they were shot in the first three seasons as people who are aware of the need for regular physical exercises.

Several of the Apprentice candidates were shown regularly engaging in different types of workouts…using weights, doing different types of calisthenics like press ups and pull ups, using tread mills and several other workout methods.

Watching the Apprentice male team members have a go at basket ball was very interesting, especially the interesting scene where Kelly, the Season two winner inadvertently put a whole through the wall as he played his game.

The gist here is that, apparently, the first three seasons of Donald Trump's Apprentice gave vent to the importance of exercise for the candidates and the viewers as a means of achieving both physical and mental well being.

Everyone is supposed to be active 75% of the time in a day, but for most executives, work situation compels them to lead a sedentary lifestyle with less and less physical activities as they sit long hours in the office, car or aircraft in the course of their work.
What, therefore, was being conveyed in the first three seasons of the Apprentice is that you must find time to exercise in spite how busy your schedule may be. Remember that, always. Your success depends entirely on both your physical and mental fitness.

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