Shampoos are one such thing that cannot be neglected, as it is important for clean and shiny hair of the baby, but can be harmful for the sensitive hair or skin of children due to the harsh chemicals in them. So, to avoid any negative effects of these baby-soothing shampoos, parents should be careful and must check ingredients that are contained in them to see if they are appropriate for use. Hair and skin of children are more prone to get dry easily, so baby soothing shampoos are generally designed in a way so as to clean, protect and moisturize gently.

Also, majority of shampoos made for children are hypoallergic and non-toxic, but still any carelessness on the part of parents can prove to be very harmful for the child in his/her future life as well. SLS or sodium lauryl sulfate is one controversial chemical, which is the main foaming agent, found in most soaps, shampoos, detergents and toothpastes and needless to say, are often found in baby shampoos as well. This SLS gets penetrated in the skin and builds in eyes and it has been verified by many doctors that this SLS may also cause blindness and eye damage to children.

Hence, in order to avert such harmful effects of baby shampoos, it is better to use organic baby soothing shampoos that employ natural ingredients for the hair care of your young one. These shampoos generally does not comprise in any synthetic preservatives, harsh detergents, SLS, alcohol or petrochemicals. Parents should nonetheless stay alert always, no matter what as there are many companies that claim to manufacture natural baby shampoos, but still consists of the same harmful chemicals. Bath time must be the time to enjoy for both parents and baby, after all who would like their cheerful little one turn into a crying and screaming child? Selecting a gentle and safe baby soothing shampoo thereby contributes a great deal to clean and happy baths for the baby.

Special baby soothing shampoos are also recommended by doctors during the initial years of the life of an infant. Baby shampoos normally do not comprise in sulfates that can commonly be discovered in most shampoos for adults. One unknown danger found among the traditional baby soothing shampoos is the pH balance. Though baby shampoos are usually less prone to sting if they by any chance seep inside the eyes of the baby, but if they have a high pH, they do and also lead to needless tangling of their hair.

So, it is important that the baby soothing shampoo must comprise in a balanced pH, i.e the one that is covered in the range of 4.5-6. One may also use Nitrazine paper to check the actual level of pH in the shampoo.

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